New Mexico in Focus

Lin Farley: On Coining The Term Sexual Harassment

Lin Farley was a journalist and an instructor at Cornell University when she coined the term “sexual harassment” to summarize what so many women were experiencing at their jobs across the country. She went on to write the book “Sexual Shakedown: The Sexual Harassment of Women on the Job.” She talks about her early work on this issue amid the latest #MeToo revelations.

How The Radium Girls Influenced Worker Safety At The Manhattan Project

Interview with author Kate Moore whose book “Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women” tells the story of the hundreds of women sickened by radium poisoning while painting dials for clocks and watches, and their fight for recognition and compensation.

Chasing The Dream: Building Family Assets

New Mexico is one of the poorest states in the country and has the highest rate of child poverty. This segment was funded by the Ford Foundation and the JPB Foundation and grew out of work I did on Public Square and focuses on individual development accounts and children’s savings accounts as tools that one New Mexico organization is using to move families out of poverty.

Families of victims killed in police shootings seek reforms

Since 2010, there have more than 40 officer-involved shootings by the Albuquerque Police Department. The families of these victims have been at the forefront of pushing for reform, and ensuring that the Department of Justice would intervene. DOJ issued a damning report in April 2014 that criticized APD’s misuse of force. The city and DOJ signed a consent decree in late October.

Crypto Jews in New Mexico

In 1492, the Edict of Expulsion launched the diaspora of Sephardic Jews from Spain. Many found their way to the New World, including New Mexico, although they could not openly practice their religion. Dr. Frances Levine, director of the New Mexico History Museum, and historian Roger Martínez-Dávila flesh out the history of these people and their role in New Mexico heritage and identity. Sonya Loya, an artisan and educator who has recovered her family’s secret Jewish past, discusses her personal journey and conversion to Judaism.

Valerie Plame Talks About Life After The CIA

Valerie Plame, former agent with the CIA, moved to New Mexico with her family after her covert identity was leaked to a columnist but an official of the Bush Administration in retaliation for her husband casting doubt on claims that the administration was using to invade Iraq. She talks about her new career as a spy novelist and her work on nuclear non-proliferation.

Public Square

Male Role Models & Mentors, 11-19-15

Many young men lack positive male role models, especially if fathers are absent or not engaged. But these mentors can help them become good men who are involved in their communities. So how do we help these young men find these role models and become the next generation of leaders? In this episode we talk to young men of color about mentors who made a difference in their lives and how we can help the next generation avoid falling through the cracks.

Preventing Child Abuse, 12-27-12

New Mexico has horrific stories of child abuse and many of these only come to light when a child dies. But we wanted to look at what could be done to prevent child abuse. In this episode we start with a field piece about a home visiting program and a nurse working with a very young couple and their infant. In the studio we hear from advocates, survivors and policymakers about what changes would address this issue.

Bullying, 4-27-12

Advocates, parents, students and legislators discuss the growing problem of bullying and possible solutions. I was excited to snag “Breaking Bad” star R.J. Mitte for my first program.

Students with Special Needs, 5-29-12

I got a serious education in my prep for this show from parents who became advocates simply because they had to in order to ensure their children got the education to which they are legally entitled. We hear from advocates, teachers and legislators about the problems and potential solutions.

Access to Childcare, 6-28-12

Everyone agrees that we need to focus on children even before they are born in order to develop their full potential. So why is it so difficult to find the resources to do this? We hear from daycare providers, parents and state leaders about the impacts of early childhood development and the consequences of not funding it.

Teen Suicide, 7-26-12

The rate of teen suicide in New Mexico is nearly twice the national average. We attempt to remove the stigma around talking about this issue by bringing on people who attempted suicide as well as health experts, counselors and state officials. The young people who talk about their experiences are particularly engaging in this episode.

Art and At-Risk Youth, 8-23-12

New Mexico has many problems, but it also has an abundance of creativity, and in this episode we explore how the arts can reach kids in unique ways. We also shot a great segment with slam poet extraordinaire Carlos Contreras in front of a mural restored by kids from Working Classroom.

Preventing Family Homelessness, 9-27-12

Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in New Mexico, which is struggling to emerge from the recession. We hear from women who experienced homelessness or are still in shelters, advocates and state and local leaders on ways to fix this persistent issue.

LGBTQ Youth in New Mexico, 1-15-13

As I produced shows about bullying and teen suicide, it became clear that young people who were gay or transgendered are at greater risk of killing themselves and being bullied. So I realized we needed to do a whole show focused on the challenges they face here. I am grateful so many young people and their parents were willing to share their stories with us.